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When You Require AC Repair work Call An Expert

The body is very good at adapting to the climatic conditions of summer time and wearing fewer and lighter garments will certainly allow a temperature of 25 degrees C to be more than enough to feel comfortable inside a home. In any case, a temperature difference with the exterior that is more than 12 degrees C is not healthy and balanced. Each degree you lower the temperature raises the energy consumption of your air conditioning by approximately 8%.

Do not reduce the temperature and make your residence unnaturally cold. It is not so much about having a low temperature, as securing a great balance between temperature and humidity, thus eliminating much hassle and numerous expenditures. The humidity in the structure should be around 50% and as it raises, the temperature should be decreased to keep the room cool.

Put in a thermostat if your air conditioning unit doesn't have one built in or doesn't provide exact information. It is best for it to be programmable, to lessen power consumption when you are resting or away from your residence. If your device has temperature sensors, move them away from heat sources like the sunshine, lamps, etc.

The initial step to save energy when making use of any sort of air conditioning system is insulating the house. Installation of proper thermal insulation in windows, ceilings and walls, especially in the locations most exposed to sunlight. This will certainly lessen energy consumption by up to 30% and maintain the room up to 10 degrees C below the temperature that would be common, were it not isolated.

In buildings with glass facades, the use of tinted or reflective film is efficient in helping to lessen heat transfer, while still letting light in. Decent insulation can save up to 30% on your energy bill. An additional way to keep out the heat and cool air leakage is to put in double glazing. This measure can easily save up to 20% on your energy bill.

A more affordable and easier choice is to install awnings or blinds on windows and terraces. These prevent direct radiation from the sunlight and lower cooling needs. If the residence has bay windows, keep two windows open, one on each side, in order to ensure good air circulation.

An enclosed balcony functions as an oven, because it collects the sun's heat, which is sent into the house through the common wall, window or door leading to the terrace.

Ensuring that your residence is well balanced is a terrific way to lessen the amount of power consumed by the air conditioning unit. This will certainly lower your monthly electrical bills, while at the same time, also helping to lessen the wear and tear on the unit itself. Sooner or later, all these devices will require some upkeep and in such instances, talking to an AC service specialist will be the most efficient choice, while also avoiding any sort of mishaps that could happen when attempting to do a DIY repair.Professional Air Conditioning Repairs Greer\nprofessional air conditioning repairs Greer SC

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